Who are we?

Fire Of London have consistently been one of the top 3 teams in the UK since they were founded and have always challenged hard in the European and World Championships.We train hard but have fun doing so and enjoy a ‘healthy’ social scene with our female counterparts Iceni.

Fire also run a long standing second team where the focus is more on development while still competing at the highest level possible. The club has strong ties with various places with players coming from Cambridge, Portsmouth and even as far off as Australia.


Fire Of London was born in 2004, evolving from ‘Chevron Action Flash South’. Founded by the likes of Paolo Nistri, Paul "Larry" Larkin, Nick "Mango" Smith, Pete Cotton and inspirational caption Ian "Ploughdude" Pearmain (not to mention current day legends Lewis Glover and Ed Russell).
In 2005, captained by Joff Log, Fire won the Tour after a nail biting sudden death point in the final at Tour 4 against Leeds. Fire nearly repeated this feat in similar fashion in 2008 under the joint captaincy of Pete ‘Rodders’ Wright and Joe Bolton but couldn’t defeat a gritty Fusion team in the final of Tour 3, handing the overall tour to Chevron (who we beat in the semi- grrr!!).

Other highlights in Fire’s short history include a great showing in Perth, 2006 for the World Championships where Fire came 10th and in Paris, 2008 where Fire reached the European Club final, losing narrowly to Swedish team, Skogs.

Below are Fire’s results from the major tournaments over the last few years:

2005 Tour: 1st   

2005 Nationals: 4th  

EUCC 2005:18th  

2006 Tour: 2nd (Second Team: 11th)

2006 Nationals: 2nd (Second Team: 9th)

World Clubs 2006: 10th   

EUCF 2006: 10th

2007 Tour: 3rd (Second Team: 11th)

2007 Nationals: 2nd (Second Team:11th)

EUCF 2007: 11th  

2008 Tour: 2nd (Second Team: 17th)

2008 Nationals:3rd  (Second Team: 21st)

EUCF 2008: 2nd  

2009 Tour: 3rd (Second Team: 5th)

2009 Nationals: 2nd (Second Team: 5th)

EUCC 2009: 11th  

2010 Tour: 3rd  (Second Team: 8th)

2010 Nationals: 3rd  (Second Team: 16th)

World Clubs 2010: 27th  

2011 Tour: 3rd (Second Team: 6th)

2011 Nationals: 3rd (Second Team: 11th)

EUCF 2011: 13th

When and where do we train?

Fire train every Tuesday night at West Ham Memorial Park and on specific Saturday mornings on Clapham Common (see map below and Events). Trainings are of a high standard with both first and second teams training together.  Our sessions are generally closed after selection between March and September however if you are a talented player and would like to come along, feel free to email us with your details.  In the off season, we will also be running a series of open training session and skill days as well as official trials in February/March so watch out for these to be announced on Brit Disc.