Trial Dates

By Schuie

Trial dates have been updated in the Calendar. 

They are:

25th Feb

3rd March

17th March


From the 7th Feb onwards we'll be having invite only (for trialists) Tuesday night astro sessions at West Ham.


Try Outs!
Invite only astro session

Trials 2012

By Schuie

Fire try out process 2012. Read below to see how to be part of it.


Trials this year will be invite only,to raise the quality of the trials. This is how you get an invite, to what will be a rewarding try-out process.

1. Email rob.schuie ( a t ) gmail ( d o t ) com with a brief ultimate bio and tell us why you want to play for Fire and impress us enough for you to get an invite.


2. We'd rather you come along to some of the open sessions we're hosting (Tuesday nights and/or winter leagues) and express interest in trying out for Fire. See "Events" for the next session. Email t_fletchy ( a t ) hotmail ( d o t ) com to play winter league.

The invite list will be available on Feb 6th, and further Trial dates in Feb/March will be released. The trials will be an intense month of hard ultimate.


See you there.
Baron and Schuie


End of Season Report 2011

By Fletcher

A quick look back on another great season with Fire.


It has been another memorable season for Fire, starting with an eventful off-season that saw us kick-off with a powerpoint and fitness tests at the UK’s lushest school. A superb victory at Hamburg Rumble and a good showing at Tom’s Tourney had given us some confidence ahead of Tour and we had high expectations going into Tour 1 in London.


Tour 1- London


With the sun out and top-seeding in their pool Fire 1 made easy work of the Saturday, dispatching Tooting and Devon before a big defensive performance made victory over Scottish side Fusion comfortable. However, the presence of Germany in London and the windy and wet conditions gave Fire 1 a tricky quarter-final against Brighton on Sunday morning. After a slow start Fire 1’s D line finally broke through breaking upwind, then downwind to give them the lead. With neither side’s D quite getting it done, the O lines closed it out and Fire 1 made the semis. Chevron Action Flash have perhaps been the bogey team for Fire 1 in recent times and Fire 1 simply didn’t show up in the semi-final suffering a disappointing loss. A tough game against Inside Rakete (Germany Open) finished the weekend, and despite a couple of big blocks bringing the score back to 14-14 from 12-14 the D line couldn’t make it a hat-trick and lost in sudden death.


Fire 1-  4th

v Tooting Tigers 15-3

v Devon 15-5

v Fusion 15-7

v Brighton 15-11 (QF)

v Chevron Action Flash 7-15 (SF)

v Inside Rakete 14-15


Fire 2 was very much a team getting to know each other at Tour 1 and had the toughest of starts against Chevy, losing big despite taking a lead (1-0..) Fire 2 came out with strong D in a big game against EMO, which was effectively a crossover for top 8. Despite Fire taking a big upwind break EMO hit back and pulled away late on. A disappointing loss meant Fire 2 were a little flat in the final game against Ltd Release, making the game far closer than it should have been.  Sunday started with a tight game against Cardiff. While the D struggled to keep up with their fast O our O line was getting to know each other, and some luck at 11-11 when a wiffy break that eluded 3 jumping Cardiff players and magically appeared in the hands of Shimbo helped Fire across the line. The final 2 games of the day were much more impressive coming from behind to beat Tooting (theme of the season?) and dominating Leeds in the last game, with a huge D run making the game 14-7 at one stage.


Fire 2-  9th

v Chevron Action Flash 3-15

v EMO 11-15

v Ltd Release 15-11

v Cardiff Storm 13-11

v Tooting Tigers 15-11

v LeedsLeedsLeeds 15-11



Tour 2- Nottingham


Fire 1 went into Tour 2 looking to improve on the 4th place in London and had avoided GB Open and Chevy in the pools. A big start and an early lead gave a good early victory over Irish visitors Dublin. Then massive deja-vu as the game against Clapham seemed to mirror last year’s Nationals semi. Fire 1 played well, taking half and were up 11-10 before it all fell apart and Clapham took it 15-11. A disappointing finish to a game Fire perhaps should have won against a Clapham side missing players to GB. The hangover continued as Fire were down at half to Brighton before the D line came to the party and Fire were able to secure their place in the semis. After Saturday night’s Magic show the semi-final against GB was another closely fought affair. Again a late Fire surge made the finish exiting after 10-12 had become 13-13, but GB were able to hold their nerve. More deja-vu as the 3v4 game turned into an easy Chevy victory. Fire 1 had come close, but were left disappointed with the whole weekend.


Fire 1- 4th

v Dublin Ultimate 15-8

v Clapham Ultimate 11-15

v Brighton 15-10

v Great Britain 13-15 (SF)

v Chevron Action Flash 10-15


Fire 2 had some momentum from London and despite a few roster changes made easy work of the first game against Man-Up. Two epic pool games followed starting with Burro, who came out firing and took half. At 10-12 down however Fire 2’s D line got hot and 4 points later it was game over. Another game against Tooting followed. It was tense given the possibility of a 3 way tie and given that both sides were playing high- quality O with few turns. A late switch to man D meant Fire pulled it out of the bag with a huge D break to win in sudden death. Sunday meant more of the same, with the O line slotting home (as they had all weekend) against EMO before the D line turned it on late on, and Fire 2 burst into the top 8. Fire 2 then did what the 1 team could not and took half against Brighton, a great effort had them up 11-10, but a couple of point blocks later and Brighton clinched it. Fire started slowly against a small but very fit Fusion squad before bringing it back to sudden death. Again the D line got the turn, but late in the day couldn’t punch it in and Fire 2 suffered a heart-breaking loss despite a good weekend.


Fire 2- 8th

v Man- Up 15-10

v Burro Electrico 14-12

v Tooting Tigers 13-12

v EMO 14-11

v Brighton 12-15

v Fusion 13-14


Tour 3- Cardiff


After losing Schuie, Parslow and Freddie to GB, Fire started the weekend in emphatic fashion by schooling Fusion. However tougher opposition was to follow in the form of GB and then Brighton.  The game against GB was close with Fire giving them plenty to worry about with some tough zone play and easing in the O points. However GB eventually showed their class and came back to take the game in sudden death. The Brighton game was more straight forward with another routine victory for Fire.  Day 2 brought a semi-final against Chevy which was a tough, well fought match. Both teams traded blows until Fire took a couple of points in a row to take them within touching distance of the final. Chevy had other ideas and brought the game back to sudden death. Fire were on O but we don’t do straight forward! A turnover or 2 later, Baron hucked to Sarje for the winning point resulting in a full on pitch invasion by Fire 1 and 2 – awesome! The final was against GB again but this time they worked the zone better and put on a little poachy D of their own winning the game comfortably.


 Fire 1- 2nd


v Fusion 15-5

v GB 13-14

v Brighton 15-12

v Chevron Action Flash (semi) 12-11

v GB (final) 8-15


A late start for Fire 2 meant they were dry for their second crack at Chevy in 2011. However, despite the O line playing well, Fire were never really close. But they were pumped for Clapham and came out firing, Clapham’s O was a mess early doors and Fire took an early lead to the confusion of many spectators, who weren’t sure if Fire had their 1st team out or not. However, Clapham showed their class and Fire couldn’t keep up the good work, despite scoring a Callahan. Full of confidence Fire 2 then crushed Ireland, with zone- D working well. Incredibly, every player on the team had an MVP vote in this game. Sunday started with a tough game against the runny kids from Devon before a solid win against a Fusion side missing a few players. The final game against Brighton however was another classic with both teams trading until Fire pulled out a small lead and gave the O line 2 chances to win it. However, they made it exciting and despite Dino dropping a huck on sudden death (!) the O line closed it out with style, overheads and a big disc to Sicko. A great finish to the season left Fire 2 6th overall at tour, and above GB. Great work lads!


Fire 2- 5th

v Chevron Action Flash 7-15

v Clapham Ultimate 9-15

v Ireland Open 15-10

v Devon 15-11

v Fusion 15-10

v Brighton 15-14


UKU Nationals- Southampton


Fire 1 opened their account at Euros with a convincing win over The Brown, followed by a similar result against Burro, who had wrecked the exciting possibility of a Fire on Fire quarter-final. The semi was a different matter however. Off the back of a tense sudden death game at Tour 3 Fire 1 and Chevy had their nationals re-match as the Saturday night show game. It was close all the way through the first half, but Fire kept their noses in front to take half 8-7. The second half then see-sawed dramatically, with first Chevy then Fire scoring 3 in a row. Fire’s D- line finished strongly, breaking on double game point to Chevy, then turning Chevy’s O on the goaline in sudden death to give them a shot at the final. But it wasn’t to be, an unlucky, easy turn gave Chevy a second chance and they made no mistake. It was an absolutely gutting loss. They secured 3rd place the next day, however, by completing the season sweep over Brighton.


Fire 1- 3rd

v The Brown 15-4

v Burro Electrico 15-4 (QF)

v Chevron Action Flash 13-14 (SF)

v Brighton 15-10


After Tour, Fire 2 felt they might have an outside chance of making Euros, but were set back immediately with a disappointing loss to Burro. Traffic, missing players and a lack of focus cost them big and they struggled to find their best form after. An easy win against Strange Blue was followed by a hard- fought game against Fusion. Fire able to keep it close for the most part but lost touch near the end, meaning their Euros bid was over. They finished Nationals strongly, taking newcomers Bristol apart, but only after another poor defeat, this time to Leeds. The weekend was a real downer, but the season overall had been very encouraging.


Fire 2- 11th


v Burro Electrico 13-15

v Strange Blue 15-9

v Fusion 11-15

v LeedsLeedsLeeds 11-15

v Bristol Ultimate 15-4



European Ultimate Championship Finals (EUCF)- Bruges, BEL


 Fire travelled to Euros looking to right some poor recent European showings and with the news that they would play in the Elite division after the withdrawal of Swedish side VIF. They started well in a tough group with a strong showing against reigning champs FAB, keeping it close for much of the game. However, they couldn’t find enough against 7 Schwaben. The silly errors that had crept in all season gave the germans the upper hand and they closed the game out. The unseasonal heat wave was clearly in effect by the end of the first day and a sloppy game with Chevy left Fire bottom of their pool. In the crucial game of the weekend, Fire then played out a close game with german newcomers Bad Skids. Hard man D gave them problems but they hung on to win in sudden death, a tough result to take as Bad Skids went on to finish 5th. Despite taking a strong early lead against Bologna, the game left a bitter taste with calls and arguments dominating the game, meaning , not for the first time in 2011, Fire lost a poorly spirited game to Italian opposition. However, the weekend finished on a high with solid victories against Danish side Raganarok and Finnish side Helsinki, as well as a good showing at the party, with unconfirmed reports that Pops may actually have got some.

Possibly a disappointing result given how close Fire were to beating some top 8 sides, but it had highlighted our need for consistency and belief late into games. A lot of players will be richer for the experience however, and we will be stronger in 2012!


Fire- 13th

v Flying Angels Bern 12-15

v 7 Schwaben 12-15

v Chevron Action Flash 9-15

v Bad Skids 13-14

v CUSB Bologna 14-15

v Ragnorok 15-12

v Helsinki 15-12

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